About Us

UKFEI Phones is a service that aims to help people get the best mobile phone contract deals whether you have bad credit or of sound financial standing. We eliminate the stressful and often fruitless process of searching for the perfect mobile contract that you qualify for and fit your needs. Our expertise enables us to perfectly match provider deals with client needs. We have several successes under our belt, most of which were clients with bad credit standings.

What We Do

We ally ourselves with top UK mobile providers, especially those that cater to people with bad credit. We also keep ourselves updated with all bad credit mobile phone deals in the market. Through this, we are able to give clients the best arrangements – those that they qualify for and at the same time offer them a lot of benefits and features.

We also consider ourselves guardians of people with bad credit. People who have poor credit standing are often desperate enough to reach out to any deal that sounds good. Unfortunately, many companies have taken advantage of this desperation and offer deals that at first looks good, but then ends up debilitating the customer even further financially. If you sign-up through us, we promise that we'll match you with reputable and honest mobile phone contract providers. To us, our customer's well-being is our top priority and all arrangements must be to the advantage of our clients.

Although no company can guarantee 100% with any service, ours comes pretty close because of our resources and connections. Our partners include Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, and O2, T-Mobile and Three, meaning you will always get a legitimate deal with us. Also, we gain access to new bad credit deals as they become available, so one thing you'll never run out of is options, even if you have bad credit.

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