Improve Your Chances for Mobile Phone Contract Approval

UKFEI Phones is a service that gives you access to the best deals in the market. These deals also cater to people with bad credit, so success is almost always guaranteed. However, we cannot guarantee 100% approval because there are factors to consider – namely, the provider and the customer.

As a buyer and potential customer, there are also steps that you can take to increase your chances of approval. If you are in dire need of a mobile phone, here are some tips you should follow to ensure you get the contract you want.

Choose handsets accordingly

If you are on your way to credit recovery, you can take your chances and apply for a contract that includes the latest and most advanced handsets. However, if you're really in the red and you have unpaid debts left and right, you should also choose handsets accordingly. Although some mobile phone providers don't perform a credit check or are lenient with it, they will still take it into consideration. In general, if you want guaranteed approval, you should choose the most basic handset.

Subscribe to group plans

If you've been rejected repeatedly and you're losing hope, simply look around you. Check if one of your friends, relatives, co-workers and neighbours are in need of a mobile phone contract and has a good credit rating. If there is, you can convince them to get a group plan instead. A group mobile phone plan is designed for a group of people, with several handsets sharing the same monthly limits and terms. Mobile phone providers often release group, family, couple and company phone plans to take advantage of these.

Pay the upfront deposit

Most mobile phone contracts involve minimal to no upfront payments. You can take home your new handset without paying for anything. However, the same thing cannot be said for bad credit mobile phone plans. Because it's such a huge risk, providers can't just let you waltz out of the store with a handset. They will require you to pay a deposit to minimize their potential losses. If you're willing to cough up some cash up front, your chances of getting a mobile phone contract increases.

Start with the basics

When choosing a plan, go for the bare essentials. A basic plan with a small call and text allowance is a good place to start if you have bad credit. If you have your own handset or if you can borrow one, a SIM-only plan is also encouraged. Most people shrug off this option because it totally negates one of the biggest advantages to contract phones – the ability to own the latest handsets. However, nobody said you'll be stuck with a SIM-only plan forever. You need only to bear with the situation for a while, because your provider still doesn't trust you. If you show exemplary behaviour while under the SIM-only plan, they might offer you opportunities to upgrade to a plan that includes handsets.

Start improving your credit rating

Bad credit can be a huge pain, but if you take steps to improve it, even if you haven't fully recovered, it can make a huge difference. Any effort to improve your rating, no matter how small, will still reflect on your score. If your provider sees a positive trend in your credit rating, they will see that although you have a poor credit rating, you are taking the necessary steps to recover from it. This may increase your chances of getting the mobile phone contract you want.

Follow the tips mentioned above and you should be the proud owner of a mobile phone in no time. Remember that even though most providers are lenient towards people with bad credit, it is still a huge factor to consider.

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